Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Welcome back new Year 13s!!

As mentioned in class today, on this blog you will find a running list of all the work you should have completed and that should be in your folder in this order.  You will also find all homework tasks on here and any other useful bits and bobs I can find so check it often!

Reminders from lesson....
1. You need to get a scrap book and start collecting news stories from this week
2. There are two books you might want to buy these are...

A2 Sociology Napier Press
 ISBN 978-0954007966

A2 Sociology by Ken Brown
ISBN  978-0-7456-4190-4

3.  You need to start making your glossary now.

So far in your folder you should have
1. Topic list
2. Crime scene
3. Glossary




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