Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Running list of everything you should have in your folder

Here is a list of everything you should have in your folders.  If you are missing anything then get caught up by either using someone else's notes or the Browne textbook.  This will be updated each week so you can keep checking on whether you are up to date and help you catch up if you are absent.  

  1. Definitions of crime and deviance 
  2. Venn Diagram showing criminal and deviant behaviour
  3. Notes of crime as a social construct
  4. Card sort on sociology, biological and psychological theories of crime
  5. Notes of Durkheim's positives of crime
  6. Notes on Merton's strain theory
  7. Modes of adaption match up sheet
  8. Notes on subcultural theories including Miller, Cohen, Cloward and Ohlin
  9. Notes of Marxist theory of crime
  10. Class notes Neo Marxist theory and Subculture Marxist theory including criticisms.
  11.  Essay  -  Assess the usefulness of Marxist theories in explaining crime and deviance in society today.
  12. Notes on Interactionalist theory
  13. Interactionalist fill in the blanks
  14. Feminist theories of crime and deviance note sheet including reasons for less female crime and evaluation of arguments 
  15. Control Theory note sheet
  16. Left Realism note sheet
  17. Chart of scenarios with which you had to explain how the event would have been viewed by a left realist.
  18. Right Realism note sheet
  19. Mindmap of all perspectives studied included link between similar theories and criticisms.
  20. Class notes on crime statistics
  21. Judgement graph on usefulness of different types of crime statistic
  22. Positivist and interprevist views of crime statistics
  23. Facts on age and crime statistics sheet
  24. Sociological crime report on 17 year Billy (completed during work on age and crime)
  25.  Notes of Matza's techniques of neutralisation
  26. Mindmap on why young people stop committing crime as they get older
  27. Fact sheet on ethnicity and crime
  28. Mindmap on explanations of black crime
  29. Personal research on the Stephen Lawrence case and institutional racism.
  30. Fact sheet on gender and crime
  31. Own notes or handout from other students on Chivalry Thesis, assertion of masculinity, sex role, gender socialization, rational choice, control theory and police stereotypes with relation to gender and crime.
  32. Own research and notes on locality and crime (including rural and urban crime)
  33. Worksheet "Crimes of the suites"
  34. Working class and lower working class crime sheet
  35. Exam guidance notes from chief examiner 
  36. Plan for exam question "assess the view that differences in ethnic crime rates are the result of the way in which the criminal justice system operates" and mark scheme for this question.
  37. Homework notes on corporate crime from Browne textbook
  38. Class notes of global crime.
  39. Personal research and handouts from other students on an example of global crime.
  40. Worksheet with examples of global crimes and explanations of how they are global.
  41. Questions on globalisation of crime with photocopied sheet
  42. Essay on ethnicity and crime
  43. Notes from class on media agenda setting and News Values.  Including annotate news story showing news values.  
  44. Notes on Green crime from class including the primary and secondary crime sheet.
  45. Three case studies on Green crime using note recording sheet and web links on the blog. (You need to cover two of these case studies)
  46. Notes on State crimes including research into Pol Pott's Cambodia, Human rights violations and techniques of neutralisation.
  47. Globalisation essay question 21 marks 
  48. Theories recap sheet
  49. Notes on crime prevention 
  50. Code coding sheets on types of punishment and perspective views on punishment 
  51. Note sheets on perspectives views of punishment
  52. Notes of positivist and radical victimology
  53. Mindmap of CAGE victimisation
  54. Notes on criminal justice system
  55. Timed exam answer on views of crime prevention strategies.  

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